About ZEPHYR Series

A new series of works by Danielle Kwaaitaal (1964, Bussum)

Kwaaitaal is already working for years steadily on an extensive photographic oeuvre in which she thematizes water. Her most recent underwater series Florilegium and Ultraviolet certainly did not go unnoticed, they have been purchased by corporate and private collections in NL and abroad.

A seemingly casual collection of glass bottles defines the image of her latest work Zephyr. Old glass, from the so-called archaeological finds, dating back to the 17th and 18th century; Haarlem oil bottles, Gimbon bottles, medicine bottles, an old hip flask and vintage perfume bottles. Traces of the past, irregularities and iridescent glass provide special reflections and unexpected distortions.

Like her previous series, Zephyr has an unmistakably painterly touch, due to a com-plex production process.

The Zephyr series have become 'group portraits', in which each individual bottle is partly shaped by the specific characteristics of the other bottles.

Sharpening your eyes and look again, does not make a difference; it even reinforces the natural acceptance that glass under water looks like this.

Nothing is less true; it is the sharp eye of Danielle Kwaaitaal who has given these bottles a second life with her choices, colors and composition

Available works: Yes, limited.

The Zephyr Series is currently being worked on. New works will be available soon. Please contact studio Danielle Kwaaitaal for sizes, prices and framing options. Studio Danielle Kwaaitaal ships her work worldwide in professional handmade crates. For inquiries please sent a message to danielle@daniellekwaaitaal.nl

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