After her course at the fashion academy DANIELLE KWAAITAAL (1964, Bussum) finishes her study in 1991 at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. With her graduation project Bodyscapes she is well ahead of her time. Kwaaitaal, who has been experimenting with the computer program Paintbox since the '80's, is a pioneer in the field of digitally manipulated photography. The project certainly does not go unnoticed, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam (Municipal Museum) immediately buys one of her works from the series.

One year later, Kwaaitaal has her first solo exhibition at the Bloom Gallery in Amsterdam, back then a prominent gallery and a very important platform for young talent. In the same period the artist creates a furore as a VJ in metropolitan clubs such as Escape in Amsterdam and Ibiza. In 2004 documentary maker Jenne Sipman portrays her as one of the driving forces behind the house scene of the nineties.

International recognition follows shortly hereafter. Kwaaitaal's work can be seen in many solo and group exhibitions. Whispering Waters (2009) in the museum of Groningen stands as Kwaaitaals programmatic business card. Three themes are highlighted, where her entire oeuvre is imbued: the meaning of being a woman, the gravity game and - perhaps the most significant - the relationship with the art of painting.

Hidden Series (2012) is the title of her solo exhibition at the Museum Foundation, where she presents portraits of 12-year-olds, among others. In this series Kwaaitaal focuses on identity, intimacy and emerging beauty.

Photo Festival Naarden, chooses Kwaaitaal's latest work, Apres Nous Le Déluge, for their 2015 edition. The series of still lives of flowers, where this time no Photoshop has been utilized, has an unmistakably painterly touch.

Under the title ABOVE & BEYOND, the artist shows a new series of photos in the Drents Museum in 2016. For this she works together with fourteen other artists from various disciplines.

Her latest two series (2017/2018) are called BLACK OUT and Florilegium. With these series she takes it a step further, the works are printed only once and are, just like in painting, unique pieces.

Danielle Kwaaitaal's work is included in collections of museums and companies at home and abroad. Aside from autonomous work Kwaaitaal also does commissioned work. This ranges from intimate portrait photography to monumental installations. For Schiphol Airport Amsterdam she has created Tracing Reality in 2008, which covers 450 square meters of the glass facade near Pier B, and can be seen by well over six million travelers annually

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