By Francis Boeske

“What you see is what you get”

But what if what you’re seeing can’t be comprehended?

Ultraviolet, the latest series of works by Kwaaitaal embodies that aspect: familiar objects (glass vases and ceramic jars) with dissipating monochromatic tones that deviate from anything recognizable and are unlike anything you’re seen before.

In previous years, Kwaaitaal has created other series of works in which the subjects gain meaning only when submerged in water.
Ballerinas in a swimming pool from the series Whispering Waters. Flowers were the subjects of the series Apres Nous Le Déluge, Black-out, and Florilegium.

Flowers have an inherent sense of beauty and their own unique innate colors. Kwaaitaal has no real control over how a flower blooms when it floats submerged in water, unfettered by gravity. She can only wait for moments that fully catch her eye.

Her most recent series, Ultraviolet, was created inside an aquarium filled with water. The objects used are always heavier than water and will eventually land on the bottom. Only air bubbles that can be seen here and there give us a hint about where they are.

Glass and ceramics do not flow naturally, not even when submerged in water. This is the first time that Kwaaitaal’s refined, decisive perception as an artist becomes evident.

The choice in shapes and outlines of the objects used lies at the heart of the Ultraviolet series, followed by the choice of materials: transparent or explicitly solid. Above all, the composition is what matters. Shades of light and dark, translucent or opaque, the spaces created by the compositions of all objects together, as well as empty spaces.

We do not observe any of this without any introspective deliberation or rearranging, as the end result embodies a natural cohesion not dissimilar to that of the bouquets of the Florilegium series.

The sensation of observing natural “landscapes” is sometimes taken even further as several works from this series have also been printed horizontally.

Once again, Kwaaitaal has sought out new technical challenges. The works were created by superimposing the same image multiple times onto itself. This saturates the color, and by superimposing an image multiple times, an image shift of just a few millimetres takes place.
The viewer is put on edge by this almost imperceptible grunginess, which explains unequivocally the title of this series.
Ultraviolet light consists of electromagnetic radiation situated just outside the visible spectrum, yet it is still visible to the human eye.

Light consists of light waves, and when the wavelengths or frequencies are the same, this is called “monochromatic light”. In nature, color is determined by “polychromatic light”, as these wavelengths or frequencies are different. When this phenomenon occurs, we only see one single color, but these works consist of the addition of multiple monochromatic colors.

By only utilizing shapes and “apparent” hues, Kwaaitaal walks down a path that at first sight seems to be rather minimalistic, but of which the barely visible views along the way are decidedly rich.

Available works: Yes, limited.

Ultraviolet Series is almost sold-out. Only a few works are still available. Please contact Studio Danielle Kwaaitaal for sizes, prices and framing options. Studio Danielle Kwaaitaal ships her work worldwide in professional handmade crates. For inquiries please sent a message to danielle@daniellekwaaitaal.nl

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